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Fun and interestingly one sided night

Wow tonight has been quite the unusual night.

First, I got a call from someone and at first I thought he’d hung up, I said “Hello Sir, how may I serve you tonight?” and I heard nothing. Then, I said again, “Sir? How may I serve you?” Then, I heard it, what sounded like a heavy, many tailed flogger hitting something in the background….WHOA….the sound made me instantly drop to my knees….which kind of took me off guard….My curiosity was aroused…..and my pussy was growing wetter by the moment……..I began speaking trying to see if the caller would speak, but I just kept hearing that sound……..I could sooo put myself in that place….being tied to something…a cross, spanking horse, chain spider web….bent over the couch and being the recipient of those lashes…….I’d gotten quite a few of them with the new braided flogger I’d made my Daddy/Master for Xmas before he’d left for his business trip, so I KNOW how it feels…………After a few moments I was touching myself, laying on the floor, listening to that wonderful sound……..I was sooo close to cumming and then he was gone.

Then, I got a few other calls, fun and entertaining, sucking their cocks and hearing that wonderful sound knowing that they’d cum, knowing that I’d served my purpose well.

Then I got a message from someone saying that they couldn’t actually speak due to someone being home but wanted me to talk and get them off…I asked them what they enjoyed and they said anal and that they were dominant…THIS. WAS. GONNA. BE. FUN.!

I’d had my butt plug in all day long, horny little slut that I am I can’t get enough and when my Master is away and I have no needs to tend to…I end up gravitating toward myself some….which leads me to my calls.

When he called and I heard him whisper “Hi baby” almost inaudibly, I knew it was Him from the message……..I told him I had my plug in and had been waiting for him to come take my ass…that I’d been stretching it to accomodate his cock…… I talked, and moaned I was totally in THAT moment…..the moment of being face down on the bed and my Master’s big cock making it’s way into me whether I thought I could take it or not…’s not exactly rape when that happens….but it’s pretty close……I say no, I mean no…but as his slave, I really don’t mean no….I really can’t…..and the fact that he persues….takes what he wants……that is what makes me give in……..So during my call I went to THAT place…….and it was awesome! The cries, struggles…surrender…..and then the mind numbing orgasm………….The mind is such a wonderful toy. 🙂

Then. Mr. Flogger called back…….he beat me some more and I ended up cumming like crazy.

It’s almost 2am…and I still can’t get enough…waiting….to see what other interesting calls I can get tonight……..all a chance to do what I am meant to……..and that……is to be used to make men cum.

Someone has to do it, right?


I’m a lucky slave

I am a lucky slave ’cause my Daddy/Master is coming home tomorrow afternoon WHOO HOO! I can’t wait!

i am a lucky slave ’cause my Daddy is taking me out to play for Halloween and it will be a great time.

I am a lucky slave ’cause I’ve gotten so super cool calls these past few day, I’ve even had to masturbate to them later they were so yummy.

So my favorites have been :

The married couple who love to play with me started my Sunday morning off right. They love to do anything and everything to me and they double penetrated my pussy and ass and it was just awesome!

i loved the call where the guy on the other end wanted to do an abduction scene and had me at his mercy while he began slut training on me. Kidnapping/abduction are some of my most favorite scenes so it was a definite hot button for me.

I had a great time with the guy who had me put clips all over my pink parts, even the area between my pussy and ass. That was a first for me and just WHOA OUCH! They hurt going on and coming off was even worse! The next day I tried it again alone and had a great time as I learn to mix pleasure and pain while I masturbated with the clips on me… This is a lesson I’ve been working on on and off for a year.

There were some other great ones too and I’m hoping to get more tonight while I’m home alone. I’ve been masturbating anywhere from 3-6 times daily and loving it.

my Sunday with my Master and calls

Yesterday my Master, Daddy took me on an afternoon adventure, nothing overtly sexual or anything, just a trip up by the lake, but it still made me think many sexual thoughts while we were on our way there and driving in the mountains.

I have a weird little thing for truck stops, my old Dom used to love to fuck me in dirty filthy little truck stop bathrooms, the dirtier the better. It was a “dirty girl”, degrading thing and it always worked him into a frenzy and in turn it made me crazy for it.

There was always the possibility of being caught like a complete whore, bent over in some dirty bathroom stall like a real truck stop hooker.He didn’t do it at every one we passed which always left me wondering when he would and where, until he’d grab me by the hair and whisper in my ear “Ok, slut, it’s time to show me what a dirty little whore you are, potty time baby’ One time a guy came in while he had me bent over a toilet fucking my brains out in doggy style, the sounds were unmistakable. When we came out he was standing at the urinal jerking off and my Dom made me look the guy right in the face as I wiped the cum off of my lips and walked fastening my pants. I was totally embarrassed and hotter than all hell.

So yesterday when my Master took me on our drive we passed a small truck stop and all I could think about was him taking me in there and using me. I knew it wouldn’t happen, I’m on sex restriction right now for being too much of a nympho type (but that’s a whole ‘nother thing) so ALL i could do was imagine.

Then he took me up riding in the mountains and we were waay off from where alot of people were. I just kept thinking of him taking me out of the car and using me on the side of the road or having arranged a meeting with someone to make me service him. i just know i used to have friends who would meet up somewhere in the same general area to hook up with guys that they’d play with, so it made my horny little mind wander into that lovely little dark corner. 🙂

SO needless to say, I am just a horny little nympho sex maniac right now in great need of a fix. All I am allowed to do is look at my Master/Daddy, in all his naked glory and big cock so close and so far from my reach. I am aching inside for him, this is much worse than any beating I’ve EVER gotten and my Daddy plays pretty rough.

Today, Monday, I’ve done a few calls, one in particular was alot of fun. i won’t tell you all of the details but suffice it to say, I was used and abused (in that good way) by my caller and his wife. They both dominated me while they had me trussed up to a hook in the ceiling, using all of my holes and even double penetrating me with a butt plug and cock and then a cock and a strapon, it was great.

Just so you know, when i do calls I tend to actually DO alot of what is being said, it adds to the realism of my reactions and totally adds to the fun factor! So if I sound like I am choking on your cock while we talk it’s because I am sucking on a big dildo and I AM literally choking on it. If I sound like I gagged and was made to vomit (YES it’s happened many times in calls-thanks V for being my first on that) it’s because I did actually vomit. If I whimper because you are fucking my ass, you guessed it, there is MOST likely a toy in my ass at the moment.

HEY what can I say? I am a very horny little slave, insatiable really, and i do my VERY BEST to please my callers 🙂