The Panties

So about a month ago I found a pair of panties in my Daddy/Master’s gym bag….I mentioned them to him and he told me they were from where we used to live..meaning they belonged to someone he fucked when we lived over there………

Ever since then I have obsessed on these panties sexually…..I masturbate like crazy with these panties in my mouth, they no longer smell like “her”, who ever she was, some random chick to pass time at some point……..but they were none the less hers, and so they’ve become quite yummy.

I put the panties in my mouth and play with my vibrator…imaging a few scenarios with my Daddy… is him coming home and cornering me in the bed room and shoving the panties in my mouth, pushing me face down on the bed and raping my ass while he tells me all of the juicy details..Telling me how he had gotten this little stripper to give him her panties after he’d fucked her in the back room…how she’d wiped her pussy with them and how he’d wiped the cum of of his cock after fucking her…..

In this fantasy he is whispering to me, almost menacingly, but in a really hot and sexy way “Suck on those baby, taste her little pussy while Daddy rapes your tight little ass………Her pussy felt so good as she squeezed it all over my thick cock baby….she came like crazy and soaked my balls… WILL be cleaning me completely when I’m done with you………….I just pulled those aside and fucked her so her pussy was rubbing all over them as Daddy fucked her……and I played with her gspot and made her squirt on them too…….You love that don’t you baby? ” (me through the panties-“yes Daddy I looove it”)……….’You love knowing that Daddy had some little slut all over his big cock and is coming home to rape you and tell you how good it was”

So that is the main one….my favorite and most used.

The other option is he comes home, and walks up behind me and pulls down my pants or jeans and shoves a pair of panties between my legs…..rubbing it on my pussy…shoving his fingers in my mouth as I taste the pussy soaking them……Then he tells me that after dinner, after I am done serving him that he is going to fuck me and tell me all about it…….but for now, I am just to think about her pussy in those panties….as they rub all over me with each movement of my service to him.

I can only hope that he will do this some time……I do have to tell him about it….and maybe I’ll get lucky 🙂


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