I’m a lucky slave

I am a lucky slave ’cause my Daddy/Master is coming home tomorrow afternoon WHOO HOO! I can’t wait!

i am a lucky slave ’cause my Daddy is taking me out to play for Halloween and it will be a great time.

I am a lucky slave ’cause I’ve gotten so super cool calls these past few day, I’ve even had to masturbate to them later they were so yummy.

So my favorites have been :

The married couple who love to play with me started my Sunday morning off right. They love to do anything and everything to me and they double penetrated my pussy and ass and it was just awesome!

i loved the call where the guy on the other end wanted to do an abduction scene and had me at his mercy while he began slut training on me. Kidnapping/abduction are some of my most favorite scenes so it was a definite hot button for me.

I had a great time with the guy who had me put clips all over my pink parts, even the area between my pussy and ass. That was a first for me and just WHOA OUCH! They hurt going on and coming off was even worse! The next day I tried it again alone and had a great time as I learn to mix pleasure and pain while I masturbated with the clips on me… This is a lesson I’ve been working on on and off for a year.

There were some other great ones too and I’m hoping to get more tonight while I’m home alone. I’ve been masturbating anywhere from 3-6 times daily and loving it.


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