Lonely,horny slave girl

Last night my Daddy left for a few days to go visit family and I’m home alone and horny……..I’ve already masturbated 3 times since he left last night at midnight and i’m sure that I’ll run the batteries on my vibrating egg completely out.

My fantasies sure do seem to take on a life of their own…..I can already tell that i’ll be sitting in the chair on the balcony using my toy as my little pussy is met with cold air that feels like little fingers touching me….I haven’t done that in ages, but that old fantasy came back into play recently and it’s time to do something about it…..sitting there imaging being watched from afar by ‘HIM’, and then he decides to take me up on what i seem to be offering…in it’s most recent incarnation he comes up behind me as i am going into the garage and decides to use me on the bed in there……saying that he noticed when he was watching me through his binoculars that i was wearing ankle and wrist restraints and pinching my nipples through my top….he can tell that i am a submissive slut and he is going to use me….MMMMMM.

My other usual fantasies are coming very alive as well, maybe this is part of the sex restriction…it certainly has me in overdrive………..i’ve thought alot of being shared….about Daddy setting up a rape for while he is gone…giving the keys to a friend and allowing the friend and a couple of his friends to come in and use me as they choose while he’s away.

I’ve thought alot about bisexual stuff, stuff that Daddy just would NEVER do with me….but it’s hot just the same…thinking of Daddy dominating a guy and then the two of them dominating me….wild, nasty sex all the way around.

I’ve thought alot of my age play fantasies, they never go away even if they occasionally don’t come out until the big finish……Daddy told me a bed time story once that I ended up perverting into a dirty age play story where I am rescued by a nice man…and then he trains me to be his sex slave.

Anyway, I plan on trying to take alot of phone calls while he’s away…I need it….I’m such a slut and I need to please some men, hear them cum and hopefully, if i’m lucky, get to cum myself.



  1. Trogg Said:

    Just wanted to know if you ever get horny enough to just have a cyber chat, and possibly get on cam and go at it with yourself. If you’re interested, just send me a text.
    Don’t have a cam myself currently, but we’ll see.

  2. sweetshandra Said:

    Thank you for the offer but I don’t have a cam and I doubt my Master would allow me to do that though I do get horny enough all the time…it’s kind of my curse to be horny constantly.

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