Still on sex restriction and going crazy

So I haven’t been punished anymore since the other night, but Daddy did threaten a repeat of the utensils last night and I made sure that I minded my Ps and Qs for sure. My butt even has faint marks remaining from Friday night so I know better than to push my luck.

I am still on sex restriction and it’s making me crazy, so I am going to try to get some calls over the next few days or so, and while Daddy is away for the weekend. It isn’t that I’m not allowed to cum, I’m just not allowed to experience HIS cock and that is just torture!!

It’s so hard to see him walking around naked all the time and know that I will NOT be graced with the presence of his cock in either my pussy or my ass, he might allow a blow job but not the other two since I get soo much pleasure from either hole… I get pleasure from serving him in ANY way I can, from cooking for him to doing his laundry to cleaning his bathroom…BUT it isn’t the same pleasure I get when he fucks my pussy or rapes my tight little ass…there is NO comparison.

I totally hope to get some calls and take care of the needs of others, satisfying my slut needs at the same time….thankfully he does allow this outlet for me.


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