Punishment with kitchen tools

Well, last night I went and did it. I pushed my Daddy to the point of punishing me. Now mind you, this doesn’t happen too often, very rarely in fact, if he beats me it’s usually just play, plain and simple, in a scene at a club and such. Occasionally I will get a couple of stingy, playful swats with a kitchen utensil just because i’m there and he feels like it or for being a smart ass BUT nothing where I actually FEEL like it’s punishment….until last night.

The infraction is really silly and it’s part of what made me think that he was joking…See, he was sick over the past few weeks and I bought him a teddy bear to cheer him up, since then I’ve kept the bear in our bed and he uses it like a pillow since its soft and squishy and decent sized…He was playing with me earlier and tormenting me with the bear, the way a Daddy would torment his little girl and it was making me giggle and silly…..But at one point he put the bear on my head and held me down with all of his weight on me and it was a bit scary for a moment. I was eating candy and couldn’t swallow and well, it was sort of breath play for a few moments. SOOOOO later on when the bear fell off of the bed I said something about getting him back from earlier..this is when things got bad for me.

Daddy was laying across the bed looking at the t.v. and i was behind him, picking the bear up off of the floor and I said “i know, I’ll tie him to the bed posts so he doesn’t fall out again” immediately going toward teddy bear bondage LOL….Daddy said “YOU better stop right now or I will get every kitchen utensil and you will be in more pain than you can imagine” I thought he was kidding and the thought also made me nervous, so I continued in my thought process and took my sash from my robe and tied it to one of the bear’s paws….Daddy said I’m going to count to 3 and then I’m going to get the kitchen tools…1………2….3.” He got up off of the bed and I couldn’t help myself, I was laughing hysterically, almost to the point of not being able to breathe….I THOUGHT he’d come back with one spoon, maybe…..WRONG….

By the time Daddy came back into the room carrying the entire basket of kitchen tools, I had my pink sash tied around both of the bear’s paws and his tummy, telling Daddy “Look, it’s a seatbelt” i barely got that out of my mouth when Daddy grabbed my hair in one big handful from the top (ouch!) and he had me bent over in the middle of the bed and he began beating my ass and legs with the plastic and metal spoons and spatulas…..Most of them have holes, some have pokey parts and he even beat me with the wire whisk…..the whole time I am screaming out AND laughing hysterically at the same time ’cause it hurts and I can’t escape and I know it……I can endure ALOT when I’m bound, but if I’m not it’s MUCH MUCH harder for me……He held me and hit me over and over again HARD….I KNEW that I was being punished and as soon as that occurred to me that he was serious I began to say “i’m sooo sorry Daddy” over and over again……He continued until he’d had enough and I was sooo grateful when he stopped…..the upper half of my body was off of the bed in my attempt to struggle away and he sorta pushed me and I did a complete somersault off of the bed….which JUST MADE ME LAUGH HARDER……i  heard him coming back and I scampered into a corner between a table and the bed and he came over and told me to apologize, the look in his eyes was SOO SERIOUS, which I AM NOT used to seeing…when he plays with me he always has smiling eyes or I am blind folded and can’t see….it was scary to see that look in his eyes….but I COULDN’T stop laughing, the more he gave me that look the more I laughed….I WAS SOOO NERVOUS……..he then grabbed the top of my hair again and dragged me out to the livingroom ala Capt. Caveman style and slung me over the back of the loveseat and proceeded to beat me with his big hands……..OUCH…..His hand spankings are probably the worst he can do….they seem to penetrate down to the bone and I feel them all the way from my ass to my feet…….He did some of that and left me on the floor and went back into the bedroom….I sat there in a pile trying to compose myself….the nervous giggles still not wanting to leave…..they were gonna sooo be the end of me.

When I finally went back into the bedroom and laid down I said a couple of things about the bear and he told me that I was one remark away from being tied up to the chair on the balcony for the night with all of the bugs able to get to me….so I was silent.

He got up a few moments later to give me a few more to make sure the lesson sunk in and they were the hardest ones with his hands yet……i told him that I thought he’d gotten my bone but maybe it was my muscle…that charely horse feeling or like when you get a shot in a muscle…….he decided that he liked that and did more on the exact same spot…..OH FUCK!

Then he went and got the kitchen knives JUST IN CASE….I’d seem him sharpening them a couple of days ago and that scared me….he took one of them out and dragged it across my legs, calves and feet paying close attention to my Achilles tendon……..eesh……….i could feel where he’d had the knives for quite awhile after he’d done it.

I was quite for the rest of the night……….I woke up this morning and saw that my ass actually had some marks on it which for me is a BIG DEAL since I barely mark EVER…..it meant that in the short time he’d beaten me he’d done it so hard that I’d marked more than when he’s played hard with me at a public scene……wow…..

SOOOO the lesson…..EVEN IF it seems like Daddy is joking, even if it’s something small and seemingly insignificant, i am TO OBEY and take him seriously or I may get my ass beat.


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